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“I’ve lost inches around my stomach I honestly didn’t think I’d see. I

was surprised by how easy it was to stick to the plan!”

“My health was very quickly going downhill but working with Elizabeth I’ve lost inches around my stomach thatI honestly didn't think I would ever see and my health has started to turn around.

I was surprised by how easy it was to stick with the plan.

Elizabeth is very encouraging and lays out everything so very clearly.”

- Valerie Hill, Mother

Because switching back and forth from fasting to non-fasting shouldn’t

wreak havoc on your energy, weight and mood.

The problem is…

😕 The balancing act of getting your kids’ homeschool math lessons organized, making meals for church coffee hour, and taking your aging mom to her next doctor’s appointment leaves you little time to look after yourself.

😕 You long to be a healthy role model for your family, but your mental energy is drained dealing with a child that won’t eat anything green.

😕 You feel like that second piece of chocolate cake calling you is stronger than your willpower.

Imagine if you could have your cake and eat it too as you…

Find your happy weight and energy levels in a way that aligns with your Orthodox lifestyle – no more yo-yo dieting or new age fads.

Whether it’s a fasting period or not.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth.

Lifelong Orthodox.

Daughter of a church choir director/subdeacon and mother of two.

Singing for as long as I can remember and obsessed with helping Orthodox Christian women find their best health, so they can live more fully in Christ.

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach I was tired of the mainstream culture of health, fitness and food that has evolved into a toxic culture of fad diets and body image expectations.

This does not mean that as Orthodox we should neglect our bodies.

On the contrary, Orthodox belief is that humans are a unity of soul and body with each affecting the other and that we are stewards of the body that God has given to us.

I use my years of experience as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and lifelong Orthodox to help you find fitness and wellness options that don’t require you to go to a gym, allow you to maintain your modesty, help you relieve stress and have the strength and stamina to do God’s work.

Elizabeth Rotoff Orthodox Food, Fitness and Faith

"Working with Coach Elizabeth was truly a breath of FRESH AIR"

“I was extremely discouraged after having tried making changes on my own AND crash diets. I LOVED and needed all the encouragement Elizabeth gave that managed to easily turn it all around and I finally made some wonderful shifts that helped create a new mindset and lose 10 pounds. Now I feel empowered, with improved health!“

-Beth Starkey, Mother of 3

Besides helping Orthodox Christian Women unlock their best health yet, swipe to see these 10 random facts that you should also know about me…

Working With Me Will Work For You If You…

No longer want to sit on the sidelines as you watch your children (or grandchildren) play.

Want to feel energized as you do all your daily tasks - going up and down the stairs to do laundry will be a breeze!

Long to make meals the whole family will eat with confidence and joy, no matter whether it’s a fasting period or not.

Want to stand in church for hours without back pain - and do full prostrations during Lent like an athlete - because you will be a Spiritual Athlete.

Are ready to lose weight in a sustainable way without counting calories, measuring or feeling restricted.

Are ready to prioritize yourself…you can’t serve others if you are sick yourself.

Ready to become a Spiritual Athlete in body and spirit? Here’s how we make this happen…

Fast 2 Feast

This is my signature group nutrition program to help you eat healthily through fasting periods and beyond.

1:1 Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Work with me 1:1 online for more focused attention to nutrition, fitness and more.


Bring me in as a guest speaker/expert for your church, school, youth group or other ministry.

Discover how to go take your fast to a higher level…

I wasn’t sure I needed coaching because I do eat a lot of veggies, no processed food and am quite active, but Elizabeth’s tips were compellingly informative and made me realize I could take my faith, food & fitness to a higher level.

I learned so much more about why I tend to eat more than I need - almost double (Gulp!) and that I could feel satiated with less.

Now I find I’m less interested in a 2nd cup of coffee in the morning, yet I have more energy.

And I’ve lost weight!

I am grateful for all the resources Elizabeth has pulled together to help us serve our families and communities in Christ!

-Dorothea Belanger

"In just 6 weeks I was finally able to lose weight"

I tried other nutrition and lifestyle programs, but they didn't address our fasting way of life so it was hard to really be optimal and fasting periods were a struggle.

Elizabeth’s spiritual wisdom is refreshing, her sweet personality is lovely and her hard work is commendable in helping me reach my goals and stay on track.

I was able to lose 5 pounds during the Advent fast! And I’m thrilled to be able to continue to implement these principles.

Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.

- Dana Law



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